Rotary Paddle Level Switchs

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Name Standard Rotary Paddle
Level Switch
High Teperature Rotary
Paddle Level Switch
Rotary Paddle Level Switch
Model (1) SD-R2-10F (1) SD-R2-20F-H (1) SD-R2-40F
(2) SD-R2-10S
(2) SD-R2-20F-T
(2) SD-R2-10F
(3) SD-R2-30F
Power Supply 220VAC, Optional(110VAC,,24VAC,24VDC) 220VAC, Optional(110VAC,,24VAC,24VDC) 220VAC, Optional(110VAC,,24VAC,24VDC)
Contact Capacity 220VAC 5A, DPDT 220VAC 5A, DPDT 220VAC 5A, DPDT
Medium Temperature -10 °C~80°C Max 200°C~800°C -10 °C~80°C
Power 3W 3W 3W
Rotating speed of Paddle 1RPM 1RPM 1RPM
Material of Paddle SS304 SS304 SS304
Paddle Size 40x100mm 65x100mm 40x100mm
Electrical Connection M20x1.5 M20x1.5 M20x1.5
Specific Gravity of Material >0.4g/cm3 >0.4g/cm3 >0.4g/cm3
Installation Method horizontal or vertical installation horizontal or vertical installation horizontal or vertical installation
Product Features Highly integrated mechanical sealing which prevent infiltration of power along the axle, special paddle can be applied for materials of low density.
Special elastic clutch structure, when the paddle is overhead, it will automatically protect the motor, completely separate mechanic and electrical structure, with no need of dismanting and convenient for maintenance.
Applications Widely applied for manufacturing and processing instruments in fields of food, feed stuff, cement, plastic, processing infrastructure, chemical and chemical fiber industry etc.
Working Principle On the basis that motor drives the paddle to rotate, when the medium measure increases up to the level of the paddle position, the paddle will stop rotating for the obstruction of the medium, then there will output ON or OFF contact signal through related control structure; when the medium decreases lowr than the paddle position, the paddle, under the force of spring, will restore to the normal position to rotate and detect the position changes of medium.

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