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Ultrasonic level meter is manufactured by Scientific Devices, absorbed many kinds of level meter advantage, achieve full digital, humanized design concept, now become our last update and high end products, use cast aluminium and waterproof housing, use international common appliance connector, with standard wire connector, easy to install, and with waterproof sealing cover, has perfect liquid level monitoring measuring, data transfer and human-machine comunication features, use big display for the operation manu, can recode ten interrerence echo point, use import industrial class single chip, digital tamperature compensation and use about ten relatived specific IC ship with wide input voltage. With a strong anti-interference, can be set for the upper and lower liquid level limitation and output adjust, also with on site display, selectable analog, switch and RS485 output, at the same time support RS485(Modbus) serial mode debug menu, to make up for the lack of display function,convinient interface and related facilities, also intelligent software design, for make up to no display, also can use extenal adjustment resistor to set internal parameters.easy to connect with the relative facility, no need to connect with industrial media to meet most of the level measurement requirements,accordingly , it can completely solve the blockage, leakage, corrosion, maintenance inconvenience shortcomings from the traditional measurement of pressure, capacitive, float type winding.


Water and watermeter treatment Pumping stations, collection wells, biochemical reactions pool, settling ponds Electricity, mining Mortar Pool, coal slurry pond, water treatment


Range :0.3 - 5 M, 0.3 - 8 M, 0.5 -10M, 0.7 - 20 M, 1 - 30 M,
Blind Spot :<0.3 M
Sensor : ABS
Enclosure : IP 65
Proses Connection : 1½ " BSP (M)/ Flanged
Launch angle : 12 ° Minium
Power Supply : 24 VDC
Level Display : 4 Digit LCD
Temperature : -10 ° C to 75° C
Accuracy :± 0.3 %

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Ultrasonic Level Indicator Transmitter Screwed Connection

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Ultrasonic Level Indicator Transmitter Flanged Connection

Product Code: SD-ULIT-F
Ultrasonic Level Indicator Transmitter with remote indication

Product Code: SD-ULIT

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