Product Code: TTI2000

Transparent Level Indicator (TTI 2000 Series)

Transparent Level Gauges are Designed specially to meet the most critical requirements of Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Involving Inflammable Toxic, High Pressure, High temperature liquids. Permits observations of level colour and clarity of liquid through pair of heavy duty glasses on either side of Liquid chamber. The Liquid enters the chamber on either side of which are a pair of heavy duty glasses, which permits observations of level, colour and clarity of the Liquid.


Application : Liquids
Liquid Chmaber (Wetted Part) : MS/CS/ASTM A105/SS304/SS316/PP
    Other Materials on request
Cover Plate (Non Wetted Part) : MS/CS/ASTM A105/SS304/SS316/PP
    Other Materials on request
Design Temperature : Upto 230°C
Design Pressure : Up to 40 Kg/cm²
C/C Distance   Upto 6000 mm
Connection : Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/Socket Weld/Butt Weld

Available Options

Transparent Level Indicator With 2 Nos Isolation Valve And 1 No. Drain Valve

Product Code:
Transparent Level Indicator Without Isolation and Drain Valve
Transparent level indicator without isolation and Drain valve
Product Code: TTI2000-NIVD Product Code: TTI2000-VF
Transparent Level Indicator With Vertical Connection

Product Code: TTI2000-SPRDV
Transparent Level Indicator With Frost Free Arrangement
Product Code: TTI2000-VFFA
Transparent Level Indicatr With High & Low Level Switch
Switch Type :Micro,SPDT
Form :1NO+1NC
Rating : 5Amp, 230VAC
Enclosure : W-Proof
IP65/ EX-Proof
Product Code: TTI2000-HLS
Transparent Level Indicatr With Steam Jacket

Product Code: TTI2000-SJ

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