SDSPLT static pressure level indicator transmitter assembled with advanced pressure sensor and double layers cable which are our original creation with wear resistant and water proof featutes can meet the demands of various extreme service conditions. Full welding stainless steel armored tube structure ensures the measurement in the corrosive liquids.The measured medium can be water, oil, acid, alkali or viscous liquid. Advanced in technology, precise in measure, reliable in quality, easy in installation, SDSPLT transmitter is an ideal and economical level instrument for process measure and control system.
SDSPLT level indicator transmitter is tailored for liquid sulfur and high temperature naphthol and combined with previous international application experiences. This product with stainless steel armored welding cable and adopted with special high temperature large diaphragm sensor can be used to measure high temperature nd strong viscosity medium and can solve other measuring difficulties process industry.


Measuring range : 0~1m;0~100m
Accuracy : +/-0.25%, +/-0.5%
Output signal : 4~20mADC two wire
Medium temperature : -40~80 °C specia;l type:<=250°C
Ambient temperature : -30~80 °C
Safety class : intrinsically safe:Exia IICT6 explosion-proof: Exd IIBT4-T6
Power supply : 14V~36VDC; 24V/600 ohm
Process connection   Flanged
Flanged mounting : DN25~50PN1.0
Mounting : Top of the Tank
Enclosure : IP66
Product Code : SDSPLTProduct Code : SDSPLT-F

Side Mounted Hydrostatic Level Indicator Transmitter

Description & Features

Level Range : 0-0.5 M and 0-200 M
Excellent long term stability
Flush diaphragm
Small thermal effect
Capacitive ceramic sensor with high resistance.
Suitable for Marine, Sewage treatment and all types of level measurements.
Product Code : SDSPLT-F-SM
Product Code : HDLI

Hydrostatic Level Indicator

The Scientific Hydrostatic Level Indicator is a robust diaphragm type gauge with a dial read out. It is designed for easy on site adjustment to take account of varying liquid density.

This gauge requires no power source and is suitable for fitting to tanks, which may be used for different liquids where the specific gravity may change. These externally mounted version is suitable for general application, though it is particularly suitable for marine applications.

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