SDIDLT Interface Displacer Liquid Level Indicator Transmitter are design to perform continues measurement for Liquid Level, Interface or density of liquids in the process of all industrial applications. The measurement is based on the proven Archimedes buoyancy principle and thus extremely robust and durable. Measuring value can be transferred analog and Digital. Digital communication facilitates complete operation and configuration Despite extreme temperatures, high process pressure and corrosive liquids, the SDIDLT measure with consistent reliability and high precision.



Power Supply : 2VDC
Output :4~ 20 mA
Level indication : LCD
Accuracy : 0.5% FS
Nominal Pressure : 2.5 bar to 320 bar
Medium temperature :max 250 °C
Medium density : >- 0.4g/cm³
Electrical interface: M20x1.5, or on request
Flange standard :Customize
Housing material :Dai Cast Aluminimum
Enclosure : IP65/Ex - Proof

Product Code: SDLIDLT-EXCG

Product Code: SDLIDLT

Product Code :
Product Code :


DLI displacer level gauge is featured by stable accuracy, good linearization, easy installation, field indication, remote output 4-20mA. Its operation principle is A displacer immersed in the measured medium, as liquid level changes, the displacer will move by the buoyancy force thus makes the change of spring length which connecting with displacer and then the spring spurs, magnet steel, so that the magnet field close to Hall effect sensor will be changed. This change is proportional to buoyancy force (liquid level).


Product Code :DLI-TX-EXCG Product Code : DLI-TX
Power Supply:2VDC
Output : 4~ 20 mA
Field indication :needle Indication
Accuracy : 0.5% FS
Nominal Pressure : 2.5 bar to 320 bar
Medium temperature: max 450 °C
Medium density :>- 0.4g/cm³
Electrical interface: M20x1.5, or on request
Load resistance : 650
Ambient temperature : +0 ~ 60° C
Humidity : 0~99%
Flange standard : Customize
Housing material:Dai Cast Aluminimum
Enclosure : IP65