Hand Hold Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Product Code: SD-HH-UFM Product Code : SD-RD-UFM
SD-HH-UFM is a handhold tansit-time ultrasonic flow meter with clamp-on, transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement. Our microprocessor based, user friendly and field programmable flow measurement technique allows no interruption of the process flow and has low installation costs.


1. 4-line LCD display with flow rate; totalized and signal condition
2. The flowmeter is designed for high accuracy of +/-1.0%
3. Small size (200*92*32mm); light-weight(538g)
4. wide range; velocities(0.01-+/-32 m/s)
5. Ni-MH battery life for upto 10 hours continuous operation.
6. Transducers for pipe sizes of 13 to 6000 mm
7. Transducers include the magnetic device which can install on metal pipe without mounting belt.
8. Date logger which records flow rate, date, total flow, signal condition, etc.
9. Response Time: less than 1 second.
10. Sensor: SS Type 15mm~100mm (1/2"~4") M Type: 50mm~700mm(2"~28") L Type: 300mm~600mm(12"~240")

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters with Field Mounted Display

Product Code: SDCMFM-FMD


Coriolis Mass Flow meter (SDCMF) is a new type flow meter which is designed according to the technology of Micro Motion and Coriolis principle. This kind of new flow meter can measure the fluid directly in a sealed pipeline. Its structure consists of two sections: Sensor and Signal Converter.


Measuring fluid flow rate directly (It is significant to the energy measurement and chemical reaction during the producing detection). High measurement accuracy:(0.1%~0.5%) .Widely application (Besides general fluid measurement, Non-Newtonian fluid and Slurries also can be measured). Low mounting requirement: (there is no requirement for straight pipe upstream or downstream) Reliability, low maintenance rate.


The SDCMF mass flow meter can be monitored in the following fields to meet the needs of its ingredients, mixing processes and commercial measurement.
Chemical : Chemical reaction system
Petroleum : Moisture content analysis
Liquids : Including vegetable oils, animal fats and other oils Pharmaceutical , Painting ,Paper making ,Textile printing and dyeing
Fuel : Crude oil, heavy oil, coal slurry, lubricant and other fuels.
Food : Gas dissolving beverage , health drink and other liquid.
Transportation : Custody transfer of flow
Available : for pipe size 10NB -200NB
Flow Range : 1.8 t/h - 600 t/h depending upon pipe size

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters with Remote Display

Product Code : SDCMFM-RD

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