Product Code: HSDMT

Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter (HSDMT Series)

It is an instrument used to measure instant flow rate of Liquids and Gases. Can be used for metering of translucent/opaque fluids under high operating pressure and temperature.

Design & Calibration Conforms to ISA-RP16.5 & ISA-RP16.6.


Fluid : Liquids & Gases
Density / Sp. Gravity : Up to 2.95
Viscosity : Up to 200 cp
Design Temperature : Up to 150°C
Design Pressure : Up to 25 Kg/cm²
Measuring Range : 100 to 40,000 LPH of Water/Liquid
    3.3 to 1400 Nm³/hr of Air/Gas at NTP
Line Size : Up to 4" NB
Available Materials : SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/MS
    PTFE lined on SS
Connection : Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/ Triclover Standard
    Screwed to BSP/NPT(M/F)
Accuracy : ±2% of FSD & ±1.5% on request
Enclosure : Weather proof, IP-65

Available Options

Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter
Ideal for installation in horizontal lines where vertical online Metal Tube Rotameter SDMT Series can not be installed. Due to Isolation of measuring part from the sensing section, it can be used for liquids with iron particles

Product Code: HSDMT
Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughout Flow Range
Sensor : Optical Adjustable from front outside
Type: Relay
Switch Rating: 5A/230V AC
Supply: 24VDC
Output: NO/NC(SPDT) Enclosure:W-proof/Flame proof

Product Code: HSDMTFS
Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter With 4-20 mA Transmitter
Transmitter Type: Field Mounted
Sensor: Halt Effect
Output: 4-20 mAmp(Three Wire)
Supply: 24 VDC
Enclosure: W-Proof/Flame proof

Product Code: HSDMT-TX
Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter with Tri-clover Fitting

Product Code: HSDMT-TC
Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter with Screwed Connection

Product Code: HSDMT-SC
Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter with 4-20 mA Transmittes & Totalizer

Product Code: HSDMT-TX-TZ

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