Product Code: SMAG-300

Electromagnetic Flowmeter (SMAG-300 Series)

The electromagnetic flow meter accurately measures the flow rate of any conducting liquid or slurry that is flowing in closed pipes. It is obstruction less and hence offers no pressure drop in the process. Absence of moving parts ensures that there is no need for maintenance. The performance of the instrument is not affected by the properties of the material such as corrosiveness, viscosity, density, acidity and alkalinity. It can measure the flow of liquids, pastes and slurries in water, wastewater. Suitable for chemical, fertilizer, paper, dairy, sugar, food and beverage industries.

Design & Calibration Conforms to ISO 9104 & ISO DIS 6817


*Line Size : 15 NB to 600 NB *Flow Units : M3/H, M3/M,M3/S,
*Connection : Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/JIS *Output : 4-20 mA & pulse
*Power Supply : 220 VAC/24VDC *Relay Output : Low & High
*Accuracy : ± 0.5% of FSD *Flow Rate Display : 5 Digit LCD
*Minimum Conductivity : 5 µs/cm *Totaliser Display : 10 digit LCD
*Lining : PTFE,EPDM,Rubber *Communication Port : RS485(Modbus)
*Process temperature : Up to 80°C for Rubber
Up to 150°C for PTFE
*Lowest Velocity : 0.033 m/s
*Electrodes : SS 316,Hastalloy C,
Titanium, Monel, Pt-Rh
*Highest Velocity : 15 m/s
*Protection : IP67; Optional: IP 68      

      Available Options

Electromagnetic flowmeter with Field Mounted Flow Rate Indicator, Totalizer & 4-20 mA Output

Product Code:
Electromagnetic Flowmeter with remote indication & 10 meter cable

Product Code:
Data Communication of Electromagnetic Flowmeter to centralized computers via GSM/GPRS Modem

Product Code:
Insertion type electromagnetic flowmeter with Field Mounted Flow rate Indicator, Totalizer & 4-20 mA Output
Line Size: 150NB to 2000NB.
Linearity: upto ± 0.5% of reading
Repeatability: ± 0.05% to ± 0.1%.
Accuracy: ± 1% of FSD
Product Code: SMAG-700-TL-TX-P
Electromagnetic flowmeter With 4-20 mA Output

Product Code: SMAG-700-TX
Panel Mounted Flow rate Indicator/Totalizer/Batcher & 4-20 mA Re transmission output

Product Code: SD 2001