A sight Flow Indicator is a device which is inserted in a run of pipe to observe the flow of fluid in the pipe. To enhance the visibility of the flow, spinner is often incorporated in the flow stream so that fluid impinging on the spinner vanes cause it to turn.


Design Temperature : Up to 200°C depending upon the type
Design Pressure : Up to 20 Kg/cm² depending upon the type
Line Size : Up to 400 NB depending upon the type
Material of wetted parts : CI/ASTMA216GrWCB/ASTMA351CF8/ASTMA351CF8M/MS/CS/SS304/
    SS304L/SS316 L and PP/HDPE/PVDF/PFA/PTFE Lined
Connection : Flanged to ASA/ABS/DIN/JIS/Screwed BSP/NPT/Butt Weld
Double Window Sight Glass

Product Code:
Double Window Sight Glass With Flapper

Product Code:
Product Code:

Double Window Sight Glass With Rotory Wheel

Product Code:
Product Code:

Full View Sight Glass

Product Code: FV8000
Full View Sight Glass with Steam Jacket

Product Code: DWS4000-B
Double Window Sight Glass with Steam Jacket

Product Code: DWF4000-SJ
Full View Glass with Tri-clover connection

Product Code: FV8000TC
Rectangualar, Obround & Circular Sight Glass

Product Code: PAD-REC
Product Code: PAD-OBR Product Code: PAD-CRL
Online Liquid Density Meter
Ideal for installation in pipe lines for continuous measurement of density of liquids. Available in different materials of construction and in screwed or flanged type connection.

Measuring Range :
a) 0-1 g/cm3
b) 0-2 g/cm3
c) 0-3 g/cm3
Product Code: ILDM

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