Product Code: APT200

Averaging Pitot Tube

Scientific Devices Averaging Pitot Tube is a primary flow measuring element based on the principal of measurement of differential pressure across the high & low pressure port. The differential pressure created due to the obstruction of Pitot Tube inserted from the top in the main stream of the fluid flow through the pipe line.


* Multiport averaging for light rate of accuracy.
* Repeatibility of reading upto 0.1% +
* High flow rate turndown ration
* Low permanent pressure loss.
* Suitable for liquid, Gas & Steam flow application.
* Available in various material like SS316,SS316/SS304,SS304L etc.
* Compatible for a wide range of fluid.
* For large pipeline economical as compare to other type of differential pressure measurement flow meter.

Product Code: APT200-XT

Averaging Pitot Tube with DP Transmitter

This complete assembly comprises a D.P. Transmitter for 4-20mA analog output & an averaging pitot tube assembly as a primary flow sensing elements.

A most reliabe & economical instrument for low measurement of Gas, Liquid & Steam application:


* Choice of linear or square root output.
* A/D or D/A converter not required as the electronic unit can be directly hooked up with the control system.
* Piezo resistive sensor for temperature & pressure compensation.
* Programmable engineering units for display.

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